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All about the Camellia Flower
The Camellia is a beautiful flower that is found throughout Asia. The Camellia flower was actually named in honor of Georg Joseph Kamel who was a botanist. This flower not only looks beautiful, but it also smells great and it has a lot of different uses. If you can find this flower, it is a great option to show someone that you care about them and it looks incredible as a cut arrangement. Check out a little more information on the Camellia and see what you think of this absolutely stunning flower.

Description of the Camellia Flower
The Camellia flower actually comes from a plant that is an evergreen shrub or even a small tree. These trees and shrubs can grow up to 8 to 10 feet tall and they look incredible. The leaves on these trees are very thick, they are extremely glossy, and they are generally very large. From the tree, the beautiful Camellia flower will bloom and is also very large. Generally, these flowers are about 3 or 4 inches in diameter and have very large petals that look great. There are many different colors of this flower available which really depend on the area that they came from. You will find that there are pinks, reds, yellows, and even some white colors too.

Uses for the Camellia Flower
You will notice that the Camellias that grow are extremely beautiful, these flower are so bright, they are so large and they really look outstanding. There are many different uses that are out there for them. Aside from being stunningly beautiful and being available for cut bouquets, there are many other uses out there. The bigger use for Camellias is actually tea production, this is a tea plant. There are many teas that are made from this plant and they produce a great taste for tea. These plants are also used for cooking oils, there is tea oil that comes from these plants and this is made when the seeds are pressed down, this has been used to cook a lot of different dishes.

Why do people plant the Camellia Flower?
If you are going to try to grow Camellias, they actually require a pretty specific climate. They are native to an area that is more tropical and has a pretty distinct soil make up. You will want to make sure that these soils that you are growing them in are acidic. They are not going to grow well if they are not in an acidic soil. They also are going to need a lot of water since they are a more tropical plant, so you are going to want to make sure that if they don’t get enough rainfall that they get enough water elsewhere, they will not do well if there is a drought. These plants are evergreen and are always going to look great, so you are going to want to make sure that you have the proper conditions for them so that they can grow at the rapid growth rate that they are known to grow at.