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The memory of your touch…

I was sitting at the coffee shop browsing my diary,and that reminded me of someone for whom i have written beautiful poems or shayari.

Suddenly a sweet guffaw grab my attention ,i thought i know this laugh ,i just turned and see at table behind,ohh! Its you ! whom i have been searching in my diary, my heart beats fast…very fast , i love your guffaw ,your attitude is same as usual , difference is that you are sitting with other girl and you kept your arm around her…

I thought does she fell the way i felt a year back ago,i bet not,i imagined sitting next to you and your arms over my shoulder.

I remembered that rainy day evening the weather was so awesome and you came and sat next to me .

I also remembered how fast my heartbeat was! which is happening because of your touch ,the sea can’t surge this much as my fast heartbeat ,the sound of rain drops can’t be more than the sound of my breath..

Whenever i think about that moment and your touch I am filled with awesome feelings, your hand is holding my hand it seems like I have got a new reason to live my life, i want to keep my head on your chest and hear your heartbeat, i want to drown in your eyes and live inside you.

I wish all my dreams come true…..
I was moving forward in the memory lane and then waiter told me,mam do you want something ? i said no thanks bring the bill please.

I saw you again and thought is this my love for you or just an attraction, no it’s not an attraction i never had the courage to share my feelings with you, i wish you could hold my diary someday and read all that which i have written for you,that’s my love…

I have written one of my shayari which you like most in a tissue paper , and said the waiter to give you after i leave that place,it’s not because the girl who sat with you is beautiful it’s because i know how your touch feels,this shayari was for that touch you gave me a year back.. touch that strengthened with my memory and never faded away,touch the only thing i have from you beside a never-ending desire to be in your arms.

The memory of your touch